Jazz music for folkies, Guildhall Workshop at Chats, Sea Shanties and Xmas Party

Posted by Ed Hicks on October 28, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Chat’s palace is definitely the place to be on Thursday nights with shanty singing in the bar, people swing dancing to a great band and if you venture into the rest of the building you can learn to do any of these things yourself.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Don’t go to the party, be the party!

Ed Hicks playing banjoFirst of all there’s Pete Thomas’ amazing jazz course.  If you play a folk instrument and have ever wanted to learn to play Jazz this is the course for you.  Pete will be taking everyone from the rudiments of harmonic theory all the way to being able to improvise in every key, major or minor.  What’s more it’s all ear based and you won’t have to look at a single piece of music (although there are occassionally some chord charts).  It started last week, but it’s still not too late to join so come along this Thursday if you’re interested.  If you e-mail me (at this address) I can even send you the hand out from last week.
Also the Shanty Choir are meeting again this week for the start of a new six week block culminating in a performance at the Trad Academy’s Big Xmas Party!  There was a bit of confusion over whether there would be a sing this week and for while the website said not, but rest assured, come to Chats this Thursday 31st and there’ll be salty sea songs to be had.

Also the Guildhall are running a free workshop at Chats on Tuesday 5th November at 19:30 in collaboration with Beit Al Musica.  It’s open to Instrumentalists and Musicians and there’ll be a sharing of material made in the workshop on Friday 8th November.

The first Cut a Shine Barn Dance at Chats was a big success, with brilliant dancing and wonderful pipe music from Ross and Jarlath.  There’s still two more dates to go some come dancing.

Last but not least the Costumes for Nick Hart’s Mummer’s play are coming on a treat.  Click here for a sneak preview or come down to Chats Palace on Thursday 5th December for the Christmas Party to see them for yourself.

That’s it for now,

See you all soon,


London's most wanted Mummers - The Diamond Guisers

London’s most wanted Mummers – The Diamond Guisers