February 2015 News

Posted by Ed Hicks on February 24, 2015

Hello everybody!

I hope the wintery weather’s not been getting anyone down. The good news is we’ve got three new courses starting up in the next few weeks.  What better way to shake off any sadness than singing, dancing and making music with your friends.  There’s flatfooting to be danced, tunes to be played and shanties to be sung!

First of all I’m really pleased to announce that there’ll be another term of flat foot dancing starting on Thursday 19th March taught by the wonderful Alice Cade.  It’ll be a six week course at Chats Palace and will culminate with an opportunity to perform a dance routine at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green on Saturday 25th April.  This should be loads of fun, there’s so much dancing going on in London these days and plenty of places where you can go and try out your new moves too.

As well as that there’s more opportunities to learn how to play instrumental folk tunes with a new play folk tunes course again at Chats Palace also on March 19th.  This course is a great and sociable way to meet other musicians, learn new repertoire and learn to play musically.  All the tunes are taught by ear.  This term we’ll also be working towards being able to play at least one tune at dance speed so we can play for a dance at the Museum of Childhood on Saturday 25th April.

Last but not least the Trad Academy’s resident Sea Shanty Choir start their new term next week on Thursday 26th February.  The choir’s proved so popular they’re now taking on a new bigger rehearsal space at the Round Chapel, Hackney.  The choir’s also changed the way you pay for it and is now using a monthly subscription system.  Be sure to come along next week for the first session of the term to find out how it all works.

There’s also two more weeks of Scandinavian music left with Esbjorn at Chats so be sure to come along if you want to learn more tunes and dancing from that part of the world.

Ohh and looking at that photo has reminded me that tickets are already on sale for the wonderful Fire in the Mountain Festival!  In fact it’s already almost sold out.  If you were there last year you’ll definitely want to go back.  Amongst other great things the Trad Academy programs a whole weekend of workshops there which take place in a yurt in a beautiful dingley dell, plus there’s so much good music and lots of fun to be had.  Get your ticket now or regret later!

As usual there’s dates and times below and lots more details on the website.

Hope you’re all well and look forward to seeing lots of you soon,


Scandinavian Music Course January 2015
Thursdays ∙ 7:00pm – 8:30pm ∙ 22 January 2015 to 26 February 2015
£10 a session or £50 for all six weeks (email us for information about concessions)
Chats Palace, Hackney
With Esbjorn Wettermark

Sea Shanty Choir – February to April 2015

Thursdays ∙ 7:30pm – 9:30pm ∙ 26 February 2015 to 2 April 2015
First session free then monthly/quaterly subscription
The Round Chapel
With Pete Truin

Flatfoot Dancing – March and April 2015
Thursdays ∙ 7:00pm – 8:30pm ∙ 19 March 2015 to 23 April 2015
£10 a session or £50 for all six weeks (email us for information about concessions)
Chats Palace, Hackney
With Alice Cade

Play Folk Tunes – March and April 2015
Thursdays ∙ 7:00pm – 8:30pm ∙ 26 March 2015 to 30 April 2015
£10 a session or £50 for all six weeks (email us for information about concessions)
Chats Palace, Hackney
With Ed Hicks