Swedish Gammeldans

syndens_kapell1-1024x682Gammeldansmusik is a style of Swedish folk music, which roughly translates as Old-time dance music. This genre was immensely popular in Sweden during most of the 20th century, but today the quintet Syndens Kapell is one of few ensembles working in this genre.

During this workshop you will get the opportunity to work through schottisches, waltzes and polkas from legendary musicians such as Carl Jularbo and Bröderna Lindqvist. In addition to learning the tunes we will work with harmonies and getting into the right groove. Focus will be on ensemble playing. The workshop will be an opportunity to get acquainted with a central genre of Scandinavian folk music. This may well be the first time this kind of music is taught in the UK, can you afford to miss it?!

The workshop will be on an intermediate level although there will be possibilities to complicate things for those who wish. The main keys will be G and D but there might be the odd excursion into A and C as well. All instruments welcome; guitarists and bassists especially!

After the workshop members of Syndens Kapell will be hosting/playing a Swedish music session in the pub upstairs, which will give players an opportunity to try our their Swedish/Scandinavia repertoire in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

This one day specialist class for players of all instruments was taught by Syndens Kapell at the Harrison Pub, Kings Cross.