Esbjörn Wettermark

Esbjörn is Swedish folk musician and ethnomusicologist based in London. For many years he has performed and taught traditional music from Scandinavia on clarinet and melodeon. He studied traditional music and education at the Malmö Academy of Music with Mats Edén, Dan Gisen Malmqvist, and Tuva Härdelin graduating in 2009. He also learnt from and performed with older musicians in his home province, Hälsingland, and was awarded the title ‘Riksspelman’, National Folk Musician, in 2005. Esbjorn also plays melodeon for the Blackheath Morris Men.

Since relocating to England in 2009 he has taught both Scandinavian and English music with the English Folk Dance and Song Society and the Trad Academy.  As an ethnomusicologist he has spent the last 12 years studying Vietnamese traditional music, especially traditional theatre and chamber music, and is working on his doctoral thesis on Vietnamese opera music at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Esbjorn currently works as a musician and music teacher in London.  He is available to teach private lessons on the Melodeon, Clarinet, flute, whistle and other woodwinds.  Please contact the Trad Academy for further information.