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Play folk tunes

trad_acad_tunes_class_rectangleIf you play an instrument and want to play music with other people this is the course for you.

Flatfoot dancing

Jo Bowis Flatfooting

Flatfooting is a style of step dancing from the south eastern united states. It has it’s origins in European and African percussive dance.

Sea Shanty Choir

The Sea Shanty Choir at the Harrison PubCome and sing shanties with our sea shanty choir.

Old Time Fiddle

Emily Smith playing fiddle
Old Time Fiddle is the style used for playing traditional American folk tunes.

Swedish Gammeldansmusik


Gammeldansmusik is a style of Swedish folk music, which roughly translates as Old-time dance music.


Getting out of the three chord trick

Dave DeLarre

Dave Delarre explains how to accompany folk tunes creatively and get away from the simple three chord trick.

Bones Playing

A bones player

A bones player

Nick Hart teaches how to play the bones.