Backing up Old Time Tunes

5:30pm - 7:00pm, Sunday 20 Mar 2016
£10 per workshop (email us for information about concessions)
The Harrison Pub, Kings Cross
With Jane Rothfield and Nathan Bontrager
Please email us to reserve your place

nathan and JaneThe Harrison and Trad Academy are proud to present an Old Time workshop and session from celebrated and groundbreaking musicians Jane Rothfield and Nathan Bontrager.

Two workshops will be offered, the first focusing on fiddle playing and the second for all instruments (including fiddle).

The “old time” fiddle styles of the Appalachian mountains are characterized by their syncopated bowing patterns and driving rhythms. Jane and Nathan are both highly influenced by the Round Peak style of playing made famous by the great Tommy Jarrell. There’s some nice videos of old time players here.

A fiddle player needs a band, however, and the second workshop will be all about developing and holding that contagious Old Time groove. Every instrument has an important role to play in a fiddle band and when everyone knows where and how to fit in the feet don’t quit stomping. Any stringed instrument is welcome, harmonicas and some percussion as well!

The workshops are aimed at people who can already play their instrument but will be taught by ear so you don’t need to read music. The workshops will be followed by a session led by Jane, Nathan and Ed Hicks in the Harrison bar.

About Janie Rothfield

Janie Rothfield has been playing old time music since her early teens, when she began learning from New England and French Canadian traditional fiddlers and musicians. Over her 30+ year career, she has played at concerts, festivals, workshops and music camps throughout the UK, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Janie has 11 recordings of her special brand of traditional and award winning original old time style music-She has won TWICE for her original tunes at the prestigious Clifftop Appalachian Mountain Music Festival in West Virginia! In addition to performing with Nathan, Janie plays in numerous other musical entities, including Coracree, The Old Time Shifters, Great Big Taters, Little Missy (with daughter Shona Carr) and with legendary bluegrass fiddler Blaine Sprouse! Janie is also the creator and director of Janie’s Jumpstart Weekend Music Camps! Her newest CD, OUT OF THIN AIR, features 13 of her own original tunes and songs, on iFiddle Records.

About Nathan Bontrager

Nathan is a unique musician with his musical chops firmly in the traditional old time and folk music genre, as well as in experimental/improvised and early baroque music on the cello. He has performed throughout Europe (he currently lives in Germany) and the US as an Old Time fiddler, clawhammer banjo and guitar player, collaborating with musicians such as Brian Slattery, Aaron Jonah Lewis and Harry Bolick. He regularly plays with the Ol’ Timey Messengers (Paris) and the UK/US traditional band, Root & Branch. He plays and sings Old Time Appalachian music with great creativity with both feet firmly planted to the historical tradition.



The Harrison Pub, Kings Cross
28 Harrison St
Kings Cross

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