Old Time Music Course September and October 2016

Wednesdays ∙ 7:00pm - 8:30pm ∙ 14 September 2016 to 19 October 2016
£45 for six weeks (email us for information about concessions)
No 14 Bacon Street
With Ed Hicks
Please email us to reserve your place

oldtimestringbandOld Time music is the name given to the string band music that was made especially in the 1920s and 1930s in the southern states. Played on banjos, fiddles, guitars and other instruments this is the music that preceded the “bluegrass” music that was created by Bill Monroe and others in the late 1940s/early 50s.

It is primarily instrumental dance music with repetitive forms. Like many other American forms of music it’s often seen as a melting pot between styles. It’s rooted in the music of the Europeans who settled in that region (Scottish, Irish, English and even German) but is characterised by it’s groovy syncopated sound which is generally considered to be an African influence.

This course will look at how to put together an old time string band and play dance tunes together. Old time music is mostly commonly played on fiddles, guitars, banjos and other stringer instruments but this course will be open to players of all instruments. We’ll look at the roles the different instruments play in an old time band (playing the tune, backing up the tune and playing embellishments) and learn tunes but the emphasis will be on playing by ear and getting into a nice groove together.

The course will be taught by multi-instrumentalist Ed Hicks who has over ten years teaching experience both in groups and private lessons. Ed plays banjo, fiddle, guitar and mandolin but it also familiar with most other folk music instruments. Come on down and play some tunes with us!


No. 14 Bacon Street
14 Bacon Street
E1 6LF

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