January 2015 Newsletter

Posted by Ed Hicks on January 1, 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!  Welcome to 2015 the year of academia!

We’ve got lots of stuff coming up this year with an Old Time Fiddle Workshop this Sunday 4th January (tomorrow), a brand new course on Scandinavian Folk Music starting later in the month and the ever popular Sea Shanty Choir starts singing again at Chats on Thursday 22nd January.

Must be the year of academia as I’ve just realised both our first two courses are being taught by people who’re working on PhDs!  Also the Sea Shanty Choir Master Pete Truin is starting to work on his book of Sea Shanties.  Big congratulations to Pete and Jo Heygate for making that happen!  It’s really cool.  There’s more details about all this stuff below…

Old Time Fiddle Workshop – Sunday 4th January
This Sunday sees a one off Old Time Fiddle Workshop taught by Emily Schaad at the Harrison Pub, King Cross.  Emily studied fiddle with old masters such as Clyde Davenport and Benton Flippen, has won many fiddling contests back home in the USA and is working towards a doctorate in music education so you know it’s going to be a well taught and fun session.

After the session Emily will be playing a gig in the Harrison Basement with support from A and E String Band.  There’s a discounted price if you go to both the workshop and the gig.  Come along and bring your fiddles.


Scandinavian Folk Music Course – Starts on Thursday 22nd January
Starting on January 22nd Esbjorn Wettermark will be teaching a six week course on playing Scandinavian Music.  It’s the first time that there’s been a course like this in London as far as we all know so it’s a great opportunity to come together and learn about the rich traditions of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Esbjorn has also studied music education formally in Sweden and is now working on a PhD in Ethnomusicology on “Emotional Meaning in Vietnamese Opera” so we can expect some pretty interesting reflections on folk music and music education, but the majority of the time will be spent on a very practical hands on guide to playing Scandinavian Folk Dance Music.  Should be really great.


Trad Academy Sea Shanty Choir – Starts Thursday 22nd January
The Sea Shanty choir have been hugely prolific with their performances in 2014 and sound amazing.  I also feel there’s also now a lot more people spontaneously singing shanties with surprisingly interesting harmonies at parties and festivals across the country now which is really cool.  The choir ask all new member to join at the start of term and the next session begins on Thursday 22nd January so if you want to join have a look at the details on the website and come along and join us then.  Ohh and I also think they’re working on a recording soon.  Exciting times!


That’s all for now, hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve and look forward to singing, dancing and playing with lots of you in 2015!

As usual more details below and on the website.


Old Time Fiddle Workshop & Gig with Emily Schaad
5:30pm – 7:30pm, Sunday 04 Jan 2015
Workshop only – £15 Workshop and gig – £20 (email us for information about concessions)
The Harrison Pub, Kings Cross
With Emily Schaad
Please email us to reserve your place

Scandinavian Music Course January 2015
Thursdays ∙ 7:00pm – 8:30pm ∙ 22 January 2015 to 26 February 2015
£10 a session or £50 for all six weeks (email us for information about concessions)
Chats Palace, Hackney
With Esbjorn Wettermark
Please email us to reserve your place

Sea Shanty Choir – January and February
Thursdays ∙ 7:30pm – 9:30pm ∙ 22 January 2015 to 19 February 2015
£25 for the five week term for new members or £6 per session for exisiting members (email us for information about concessions)
Chats Palace, Hackney
With Pete Truin
Please email us to reserve your place